Final (for now) version of cockpit g-force effects, mouse view and smooth zoom.

JSGME-ready mod for WOFF UE:

You can change certain settings by editing WOFFScenery\Shaders\d3d8.ini
New Settings (with their default values which are applied if a setting is missing from d3d8.ini):


Offset and Rotation Spring controls how much the view resists the acceleration, lower values make the view deviate from forward/center more and return slower.

Sort of "anti-damping". Higher values will make the view shake more and respond to smaller changes in speed.

Acceptable range for values above is 2 to 100 or so. The effect is non-linear so it may be difficult to adjust.


Controls zoom increment/decrement steps. Valid values from 1 to 50.
20 is exactly the default value for CFS3/WOFF.

Smooth zoom speed. Zoom still changes step-wise, but transition between steps is smooth now.
Range of values 0 to 10. Set to 0 to disable smooth zoom.

Self explanatory I hope smile
Range 0 to 10. Value of 0 disables mouse look entirely.

Default behavior in this version is mouse wheel up (away) = zoom-in.
If you prefer it to be inverse add InvertMouseZoom=1 into the ini file.

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