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JJJ65, I'm curious as to why the need for internet connection. What does the app need access to that is on the internet?


Application must download map tiles provided online by ESRI. Without internet connection you have only ugly black background without map.


Thanks for the explanation. I now understand it.

I wonder if your mod could use RAF_Louverts WOFF maps instead of the ESRI. This is not a criticism Sir. You probably have a good reason why you chose to use ESRI and I suspect it has something to do with GPS data. I just thought it would be nice to have the actual RAF-Louvert WOFF maps as the mapping layer because the content is more historical and very close to what we see in game, but it is no big issue.

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That was my first intention to use RAF_Louverts maps. However, as you correctly pointed, there was a real problem with conversion of latitude and longitude coordinates. So, instead I have voted compromise and selected existing free UnfoldingMaps library for Java based on online map tiles. This library enables handling of markers, waypoints and coordinates rather comfortable. However, I am still thinking about how to convert the editor easily to support Lou's maps.

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