As I indicated yesterday herewith an announcement of OBD plans for 2016/2017.

First off for those who are unaware we have been generously sponsored by Mark Fairchild for the development of our new product for 2017.

So what is the new product?

Well I am sure many have guessed we are using our WOFFUE engine/systems to develop a WW2 Combat Flight sim.
Wings Over The Reich - or as we call it in-house WOTR.

This will follow the exact same lines as OFF/WOFF/WOFFUE in that it will be a phased release.

The intention is that it will eventually encompass the whole of WW2 and will be centered in Europe.
From the Battle of France, Battle of Britain to the massive day and night raids over Germany and German held territories.

The intention is that players will be able to play either side in fighter or bomber squadrons and will have and will build on many of the SP features of WOFFUE.
Aircraft models are all new high poly hi res textured aircraft with even more realistic DM than what is currently in WOFFUE

The world will be alive as will the theater change over time until very little of the main European cities is left.... again much like WOFFUE that has the frontlines moving and devastated tracts of land building up over time.

How long?

We have been burning our candles at both ends for the past year working on both WOTR and WOFFUE.
We will continue to focus more on WOTR in 2017 but still will be releasing add-on packs for WOFFUE.

We anticipate a release hopefully of WOTR P1 in the last quarter 2017 - but we cannot promise a definite release date as usual.

As a spin off we hope then to revisit WOFFUE and incorporate the new features of WOTR as an expansion/upgrade to WOFFUE.

We are aiming high and dreaming big and as usual we will deliver as best a product as we can for both WOFFUE and WOTR.
Future phases of WOTR and WOFFUE post 2017 are entirely dependent on support, sales and finance of course.

We will be updating the Web site in due course.


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