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Greetings fellow BOC members and other interested victims - err umm - candidates. I am posting to address a most grievous oversight that must be corrected post-haste. When checking our club records this morning I discovered that loftyc, who applied for membership some time back and is most assuredly qualified, was overlooked during the most recent initiation ceremonies. This error shall be amended this evening at the club bar where we will properly initiate our BOC brother by abusing his newly created tab and introducing him to one of our most hallowed relics - the cricket bat.

Welcome aboard loftyc, most glad to have you as one of the daft, the touched, the barmy. BWOC BWOC BWOC!



Glad we got that cleared up, got to keep the rolls up to date! I need to know if that chap across the way is making googly eyes at me because he is a member of our most egregious organization or because of...well...myopia...

Well, if it's "youropia" then you can deal with it yourself

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