The War Effort needs You!

During times of war the people unite and make sacrifices so that the men on the front lines doing the fighting have the materials they need to win! Gentlemen, I tell you that War has been Declared on WWI Flight Sims. In the past few years, they have been dropping like flies until now only one is left standing that is still in active development.

I tell you that all it will take for the likes of Battlefield 1 to sweep away the last vestiges of true WWI Air Combat simulation is for Good Men to stand idle! This, I cannot do!

Therefore, I declare from this day forward that I am sacrificing one pizza a month ($15) to keep OBD in the fight against the travesty that is bubble gum chewing first person shooters thinly disguised as WWI combat experiences. I expect no tangible rewards for my sacrifice to the War Effort. My reward will be the opportunity to buy more add-ons as they become available. Gentlemen, not everyone can contribute in the same way or in the same amounts to the War Effort. $10, even $5 per month adds up over time. So too does going to other forums and spreading the word about Wings Over Flanders Fields Ultimate Edition. Posting and sharing screenshots and videos in appropriate threads outside of the Official WOFF Forums is another noble undertaking. Let not apathy be the reason Battlefield 1 thrives while true WWI Air Combat simulation suffers.

Act Now before Trumpets Fade!

Flying Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell II
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