In setting up dual monitors for Helios DCS World requires you change the display options.

Tutorial.lua is the monitor configuration file.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio in the DCS World options page are TOTAL x and y ie width and height of your combined monitors, this info will be saved in your options.lua file.

If an invalid configuration (monitor.lua) makes it difficult to start DCS World you can edit the options.lua file to reset it back to a configuration that works.

I will add to the previous posit.

More tutorials here:

Below are some Helios tutorials using both DCS Warthog, BlackShark and BMS Falcon as examples:

Basic Helios Tutorial

Showing Helios Control Panel and Helios control of DCS Active Pause

Helios Panel Creation Method 1 (cockpit design)

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Getting Screen Coordinates of Windows without use of graphics program (cockpit design).

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These tutorials use Capt_Zeen's, Ice's Profiles.


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