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You bring up a good point. And not to turn this into a Hardware thread...
Yea I can get 100+ FPS in game but is there any point on a 60 MHz monitor?
Or am I thinking too hard and mixing apples with oranges?

I'll stay with you in not turning this into a shop talk rofl

The consensus that I've seen in PC gaming circles is that 100+ FPS will look smoother on your monitor, but you won't really get the full benefit until you move to a higher MHz monitor. One of the good videos I've seen that breaks this down is here

As for me? I'm just happy to have WOFF UE running smoothly on my system! My Dell cost me just over $1,000 and I'm using an eight year old monitor that's extremely limited in resolution, so for now, the 745 card wedged in my XPS system will do just fine. I can always grab a 1060 card as a graduation present or, perhaps more appropriately, a "hey, I finally landed a job!" gift... biggrin

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