Even a modest system like mine - running an nVidia GTX 745, I'm getting impressively high frame rates and gorgeous graphics. UE is absolutely stunning!

This last image - which looks like a placid evening spent in a farmer's field was a very very close call for my 1918 "throw away" pilot (who has already lasted 6 hours of flight time and bagged two kills to his credit). As our flight was about to engage a flight of French Strutters escorted by N27's, my HUD showed "system failure." I quickly checked my throttle and fired my guns - and with both working I turned to attack the French Nieuport ahead of me. But, as he turned and dived below and I followed, my engine sputtered to a halt, leaving my prop to windmill in vain. Suddenly a shot of panic went through my brain as I realized that I had an angry enemy plane an no where to land. Thankfully, having hit the French machine a few times, he elected to take me up on gifting him a broken plane and he ran for home!

That left me with trying to figure out where to stuff an OAW Albatros DIII a good 30KM from anywhere. I managed to find a field but, as I touched down, I could make out a fence in my path. With no power I yanked back on the stick and porpoised the plane in a hop over it! And amazingly, I cleared! But then, I was running out of speed, but not quickly enough. I dug in the rudder and slammed the controls hard left and kicked the plane into a skid without tipping over. Came to a neat 180 just before the fence... and saved a screenshot for posterity!