Couple of ME notes from the DIH cockpit posted as a PSA after experimenting a bit yesterday.
My system: Standard W10 with all privacy issues disabled thru Windows or a 3rd party program.

1) "Shortcut to .jar file doesn't work"
Despite my original assertion that a standard windows shortcut would work for ME it turns out to be not correct.
While it would appear to open the program once you click on the ME shortcut nothing would happen when clicking on the campaign mission file in the WOFF directory.
For W10 you can either use Lou's method (which oddly didn't work for me) or Google how to make a shortcut to a .jar file.
This method involved taking the standard non-working windows shortcut and moving it to somewhere in your windows directory so that it ends up in the start menu. Now it works fine. From there you can leave it or copy the now functional shortcut to wherever you want.
Which works out well because......

2) "Alt-tab doesn't work"
And another bit of quirkiness, despite the fact that alt-tab works for every other program that I have, it does not work while at the ME prompt within the Campaign screens. I have to use the Windows key to get anywhere and that takes me to the start menu where my, now working, ME shortcut is waiting.

EDIT: Grammar corrections. Smart phone!

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