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Robert, I have it in the OBDSoftware folder itself, though I don't think it matters where it resides:

I then have a shortcut to the "WOFF UE_Mission_Editor.jar" file, (which is located in the mission editor folder highlighted in the screenie above), pinned to the task bar.


Thanks Lou;

There is a warning in the tutorial rendered by HarryH, that once you open the editor you should not close it without importing a mission file or it will cause an error to WOFF. Not sure if this is still the case because his comments were related to WOFF3 and not WOFF UE. Hopefully someone will update the tutorial for WOFF_UE

Hi Robert, correct. The warning pertains to WOFF pre UE. I will update the PDF at some point when I have time to test with UE.



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