Just playing around looking at it and reading the .pdf file.
Awesome piece of work!

One question since the .pdf predates UE...I presume I can start the ME before I start WOFF? Then when I get the pop-up in the WOFF campaign screen I can go right to ME?
And the readme says to "close" ME after I make any changes to a campaign mission. If I plan on a multi-flight session can I leave ME open for the next flight? Or is closing necessary to save the modded campaign flight? Forget to look if there was a "save now" feature in ME when it is open.

Guess I have two questions: The .pdf also states that I can alter the skill and morale of flight members. I don't necessarily see myself using this but it's a nice option for campaign quirks and to better understand ME. Are these changes permanent or just for that flight?