Sing? Sing? By George I've got to learn some WWI drinking songs for the next get-together!

(Background - I'm as outgoing and goofy as my wife is proper, retiring, and quiet. So we're out on the bike trail on a beautiful day, when we get to a place where no one can see where it's coming from, I bellow in full baritone voice a line from an old Tony Bennett song, "I-I-I-I-I-T'S THE GOOD LIFE!". My autistic son cracks up laughing and my wife mutters "big mouth...", which cracks him up again.) I do like to sing...!

Have another round, me'boys! beercheers

Box: Win7 Pro 64 bit / I72600K @4.1 GHz / EVGA GTX1080Ti/ 16GB RAM / Corsair 240 GB SSD / WD 600 GB Velociraptor / 1050W Power
FS Stuff: Saitek X52 Pro Stick/Throttle & Combat Rudder Pedals, TrackIR 5
Sims: FSX Gold, REX 2.0 OD, UTX-NA, FSGenesis 10m mesh/ CFS3 ETO 1.40/Wings Over Flanders Fields Ultimate Edition (more gorgeous than ever!)
Proud BOC inductee 4/30/12!