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So do we have confirmation of steam / gog yet ? seehearspeak

If it does (and i still think) it will require CFS3 to run WOFF UE,then i cannot see how a Steam/GOG release can be implemented JimBob
Im loving the shots and videos Hellshade awesome pal.
Il hopefully find out soon enough from the Devs, my only wonder is if UE is another addon or a completely new title that then makes WOFF V1 2 and 3 redundant?

Ultimate Edition sounds like everything all-in-one installer

Im hoping in 2 versions JimBob. An all in one installer (for people new and or are more comfortable with an all in one installer) and a Add-On for people like me who have all the addons now.
OBD are a fantastic company the Devs are the best in the business but...Some people including myself have already paid a lot of money for WOFF V1 2 and 3 + the skin pack (before it was free) when you addon the Fokker Scourge,Balance of Power and Motley crew it comes to quite a bit. Also add to the fact that the is extremely poor against the $ post Brexit and us folks in blighty are at the moment getting a rough deal. I would like to add that i dont regret spending what i already have in this great sim that OBD have blessed us with. Anyway sorry to go OT id love some more WOFF UE shots guys. cheers

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