Excuse me, but why do I give a diddly-bleep if WOFF is on steam? I've got a steam account and use it for CivV, but I don't understand why it would be of any help with WOFF. I've had no issues with WOFF through the years, works for me as is. I thought it was said once and for all that if WOFF needs CFS3 there is no way to make it available through steam. But what do I know, I'm sure Hellshade is right, absolutely confirm that there's no confirmation.
Yeh, great new shots Hellshade, looks to me that environmentally WOFF has again taken another step upwards. The atmosphere is becoming more and more spectacular, that and new aircraft just keep WOFF way above other sims. I will always be intrigued just because of the simplicity of the planes, you're just flying, no tech stuff to get in the way. I know lots of us are old f***s, I saw those photos of you guys at the air show, and I think we can just appreciate it since most of our lives weren't so tech-ed up. Well, that's just me I guess. I'll take a restored '63 Corvette over a 2016 anyday.
I always want to close every post that I make with how much the devs rock! Great work fellas!