Tomorrow is starcitizen's 4 year anniversary. Every year they hold a citizencon where they reveal things about the game. This year they are supposed to show off more of their procedural planet tech as well as play through a Squadron 42 mission.

The livestream is at the link below and starts 5pm PDT.

Sunday, October 9th
- [1430 PDT / 2130 UTC] CitizenCon 2946 Preshow Livestream -
- [1500 PDT / 2200 UTC] CitizenCon 2946 Presentation Livestream -

They also revealed a new ship yesterday. It's a corvette class military ship. You can see some early pics and details at this photo album. More info will be released tomorrow when it officially goes on sale. (i'd suggest no one buy it. It wont be ready before the game launches and you can just buy it in game with money earned in game.)

And we as its creators don't feel ready to hear your annoyed jabber about it.
-IL-2 BoS Dev Team

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