Early war still looks fantastic too. After my wingman downed the Aviatik, a pair of EIIs(?) pounced us. I eventually forced his prop to stop and he dead stick landed behind his lines. Look at how alive the scenery looks with the new shaders too. Awesome stuff.

I would like to make an important point about the new UE shaders though. I have mentioned the nice FPS improvement the new shaders provide and they do, but I should also point out that while they will give you a boost they aren't going to turn a 3 year old GPU into SLI Titan level performance. You will probably notice the added FPS, especially around airfields, but I wish to be careful and honest about not setting the wrong expectation. The last thing I want is someone thinking if they buy WOFF UE they will be able to run everything maxed at 8x time compression with an aging CPU/GPU at 60 FPS. It's most certainly an improvement, but I don't wish to overstate by how much. As with everything PC related, your mileage may vary depending on your hardware and software configuration.

And now back to the beauty that is Wings Over Flanders Fields Ultimate Edition beta

Flying Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell II
videos at www.youtube.com/hellshade68