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Also has the 'plane exploding' effect been toned down ?

They are indeed fiddling with it. I don't know what the final outcome will be but some of the beta patches to it have been nice improvements, IMHO. Of course if you happen to hit the fuel tank and it goes up, 20 liters of aviation fuel exploding is going to have a devastating effect on a mostly wooden structure but yes, I believe they are working on reducing the frequency of all 4 wings being shed.

I'm no expert at WWI damage. But I'm fairly sure that when you hit a gas tank with a round, the contents of the tank doesn't explode.

There's an old saying in aviation, "Fuel burns, fumes explode". It's why wings on fire don't generally explode; they just burn until the structure fails.

Now a hot round, especially an incendiary round, could ignite the fumes in a non-full gas tank with pretty devastating effect. But most of the gas itself won't explode, or even burn until it is "spread out" so that it has access to oxygen.

I suspect (though I don't know) that most flamers were holed tanks that covered the wood and doped fabric structure of the aircraft with a layer of fuel and were then ignited...by something. After that the plane went up like a torch.

Sorry for the aside, but just something to consider. smile

Really looking forward to this!

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