That U E magic has me in its spell,
That U E magic that is cool as hell.
Those moody shadows up and down the line,
Those brand new shaders that will soon be mine.

That WOFFy tingle that Ill feel inside,
When I climb up into a brand new ride.
And then up and down I'll go, round and round I'll go,
Trying to avoid those vents in my hide!

I would pay right now but what can I do?
Its beta mate so I must wait.
Wait - with a burning desire.
And just its release can put out the fire!

Cause youre the sim that I have waited for,
Youre the U E OBD fans were created for.
And every time you cross my mind,

Baby, down and down I go, round and round I go,
In a spin, lovin the spin Im in,
Under that U E magic called WOFF - WOFF - yeah, WOFF. Its champagne baby.

(sung to the tune of "That Old Black Magic", and done in my best Sinatra voice whilst wearing a leather flying cap and holding a drink)


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