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From the coming WOFF UE....
A Caudron G.4 over a new airfield layout.
Instrument lights in Breguet 14 at night,


I just can't say how excited I am about the Caudron G.4 and Breguet 14. The G.4 looks just beautiful, guys! And if its ever been done in a WWI game in the past I missed it, so I can't wait for this one thumbsup

And the huge impact these two planes will have on the campaign...a French 2-seater campaign to run the length of the war! whoohoo

All the regulars here at the forum already know this, but for those reading this who still don't own WOFF, it is the most comprehensive WWI combat flight simulator ever created, and on the same breadth and depth as IL-2 1946, but of course with modern graphics (it has many "looks like a photograph or movie-clip" moments). WOFF 3 has better looking weather than FSX, P3D, or X-Plane IMO. WOFF 3 weather and atmospheric conditions are simply gorgeous.

If you buy one combat flight simulator in your life, WOFF 3 or the upcoming WOFF UE is the one to have. WOFF combines atmosphere, depth, breadth, and an engrossing career light years beyond anything that has ever preceded it.

WOFF stands alone with IL-2 1946 as the pinnacle of WWI and WWII combat flight simulators. It is that good, and better!

Dogfighting is what you do "after" you drop your bombs and blow something up!
Can you say "JABO!" thumbsup