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Of course, I was joking wink. Nice shots, thanks. I hope we will get a chance to test it personally as soon as possible :-).

I'm excited for you to fly it too and look forward to your thoughts on it. I think you will be very happy, sir.

I'd just like to add that having been given the opportunity to play even the smallest part (mere feedback and observations - really just ringside seats) in the development process of WOFF UE, I'd like to offer some very high praise to Polovski, Winding Man and AnKor even though they aren't asking for it. These guys put in a tremendous amount of work testing every little aspect that they can in order to deliver the best possible finished product. I finally have had the opportunity to witness it as it happens and it's incredibly impressive to watch their commitment to excellence in action. Bugs reported. Bugs quashed. New features added. Old features improved. Developer beta patch updates on a nearly daily basis. And as we all know from experience, it doesn't stop there. Even after the product ships, they are busy patching bugs and adding / improving features.

Of course there's no way UE could contain all of the items on the Wish List but what they are including is incredibly well thought out and implemented. Even though the WWI flight sim market is small and doesn't have any other products being actively developed anymore, these guys don't rest on their laurels. They keep pushing and expanding the limits of what's possible. We are really lucky to have them and while WOFF UE can never be all things to everybody, I wouldn't want any other group of people working to improve it than these guys.

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