Looks like a damn oil painting, doesn't it? That's pure WOFF Ultimate Edition. No mods. No SweetFX.

WOFF UE beta Jasta 9 24 May 1917. Second sortie of the day has me making a rare patrol behind enemy lines. I'm tilting my wings left and right as usual to see if anything is below me. Nothing. I look back at my flight and notice one of my sheep has fallen a bit behind. Wait....that's too many sheep. I turn to engage. Ironically the moment I finished dispatching him, his burning wreck falls right next to low altitude Sopwith Strutter. Had the Noop not been killed exactly when and where he was, I probably never would have seen him. Bad luck for his friend turned out to be bad luck for him too.

Flying Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell II
videos at www.youtube.com/hellshade68