Jasta 9 patrol 21 May 1917. I look behind and 3 of my flight have turned 160+ degrees and are flying back the way we came. A trail of smoke way in the distance up above shows me a Sopwith Triplane is limping back home. I wheel about and try to find if there are any others. I did find one and he was quite good. Made damn fools of at least 5 of my flight and myself until he finally had to turn and head for home. I don't know if I was able to land a single round into him. He was a better pilot in a superior plane. If I had not had so many wingmen for him to contend with, he probably would have gotten the better of me. At any rate, when he was finished toying with us he slipped away with a nice move that put him well out in front. We gave chase but were never able to make up the difference, despite all of us following suit.

Looking behind, I spotted another tripehound in tow behind everyone in my flight. We focused on the first tripe, he figured he sneak in and take some of us out before we even knew what happened. I quickly positioned myself to engage him and he was not so clever as his friend. He too had a better machine but he was not that better pilot. At least not this day. Not sure if it's an intended change or not but if you watch to the very end, it looks like OBD is now modeling broken flight harnesses. He was my enemy and a brave and noble one at that but my heart sank to see him left to that fate...

Flying Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell II
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