Salute Gents,

I've long enjoyed the fruits of the great giving tree that are OFF, WOFF, mods, and the community.
Although short stints I've made in being involved/active in the forums, they're overshadowed by longer periods of "lurking" in the background and following/reading the on-goings of the game & community.
I went up to the Dayton Dawn Patrol Rendezvous and had the great pleasure of meeting some folks I've known only in forums. (Wiggins, Louvert, Stache, Hauksbee to name a few). As per my usual strategy in the WOFF community, I found the WOFF tent and lingered around performing observation haha.

I would humbly throw my credentials for membership in for review, and after some good chuckles relating to the "requirements" and telling my wife across the hall (whom acknowledged my snickers with rolled eyes and head shakes), I felt it necessary to submit myself.

As far as the listed prerequisites, I find myself worthy of recognition for the following:
1 , 2 , 4 , 5 , 10, 13 , 14 , 20.

To go further with things I feel should be listed:

  • When introducing myself as "Jenks" to WOFF or ROF players(RAF28Jenkins for you RB flyers Sopwyth, wink wink wave2 ), I refer to my flying credentials/history of RBII/RB3D and my tournament accomplishments
  • I literally wear my "lucky" scarf when I fly WOFF or ROF. The few times i've forgotten or omitted to my flight s have ended most distastefully
  • I talked my IL2 lan party buddies into playing OFF over our LAN. It worked. It was fun...For me.
  • I Photoshop'd my mug onto a period photo for my DiD Campaign pilot. Because stock photos just weren't immersive enough.
  • I too have composed musical works in reflection to WOFF. Although not on the level of Matt Milne for sure.
  • For those who loose a child, they may wish to adorn their loved one's gravestone/marker/etc with angels, or a lamb. My son received a bronze Se5 scout with the caption "Soaring High In Our Hearts". I know he loves it. smile He's watching my six. Final Preview below.

It would be a great honor to join the ranks of the BOC, and I appreciate your consideration. If still available Louvert, i'll gladly pay the cost for the pin/shipping.

Thanks much,

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