No pressure, but I do have Nov 19th through Nov 27th scheduled off as a vacation. That will be my first real vacation since November 2011 (when Skyrim came out), so if you wanted to release it during that time frame I'm just letting you know that you would have my full support. LOL.

and yes, it has actually been 5 years since I took any time off for myself. I had a lot of crap in my life that needed to be fixed and I had a laser like focus on making that happen as fast as possible. Now that the house is fixed, the debt completely gone, the book is written and published, the job income is up and I'm in a happy, healthy relationship - I'm taking some damn time off to enjoy a little bit of life! WOFF UE would just be the icing on the cake. biggrin

Flying Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell II
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