Hi JJJ65,

Please keep me in the loop as you update to newer beta versions of this...it is just fantastic!

I downloaded your beta v0.86 and have been having a blast.

I've figured out how to incorporate it into the campaign from my perspective. When I can't get a mission I want I just go to the field with something close, end the mission, open it in your editor and change it to my liking. Then I fly it in Quick Scenarios, and time has advanced 1 mission in the campaign based on the mission I cancelled to be altered.

Not perfect, but suits my needs for immersion!

Still stumbling around a bit, so won't hit you with a bunch of questions right now as most will be answered as I play with it some more.

Thanks! salute

P.S. So in hopes you and OBD can get this into the campaign proper. Just a hook like Pol mentioned would be all that is needed. I know OBD needs to keep WOFF a "non-Erector Set" type game for the general audience, but an "approved" backdoor to let this editor into their wonderful playground would be fantastic!

P.S.S. JJJ65 has this editor set up so it won't show enemy flights unless you check a box after your flights are displayed. So as long as you don't move your flight around hugely, you can go in and make changes and never need to see the enemy aircraft, so you will still be surprised by them. Of course, if you move your flight 50 miles off course, you will probably have to also move the enemy aircraft, but this is well thought out so you only see what you want to see and there is not a spoiler view unless you want one.

Dogfighting is what you do "after" you drop your bombs and blow something up!
Can you say "JABO!" thumbsup