I just wanted to point you at a new Generic Mod Enabler software made by Sedenion and posted on ED forum here:


It is Open Source
It's in active development
Already has many functions beyond JSMGE:

-Multiple games profiles within same program. Not necessary anymore to fiddle with shortcuts and text file settings
-Archive mods supported
-Description file
-Mods Repository Folder can be placed anywhere and is settable by GUI
-Mods Repository Folder can be used by multiple programs
-Backup folder is default in C:\ drive but can also be chose where to be placed
-Mods activation profile saving function. Useful if you have 100 mods and you activate only 88. Before an update you disable mods then after update you can just press Apply profile and it will automatically activate all 88 mods of your choice

Sedenion is working now on Networking functions. He is planning to add repository sources so the software can autoupdate mods in the future.

I made a small video tutorial on how to use it. I think is far superior to JSGME and we should support this development. If anyone can help Sedenion.... as I said it's open source.