After many years of telling myself I am not Barmy and I do not have the credentials to ask for membership into your fine exalted Barmy OFFers Club. I finally admit I could possibly be just a tiny bit on the Barmy side. I deffinatly do have problems with 1, 4, 7, 10 and just not sportscar nuts anybody get the machine gun treatment. The bigger vehicles are two seater or zeps if it is a bus size or bigger. I also have problems with 15. I have been flying OFF since the very first one. I have been a long time lurker on every forum OFF has been on. I sometimes leave the world of WOFF to do other Barmy things, like being crushed in a nice WWII steel tube under the sea, I also fly and build my air cargo and air taxi service in the wilds of Alaska. When not doing on of those three things I fly the Hump in my C-47. I recently found my way back to WOFF VER. 3 do to Lou's fine airial ballet on the WOFF website. I know I,m defiantly Barmy because I have know dedicated myself to the sweaty palmed reality of formation flying to do it right this time around. I promise no more lone wolf tactics. The problem is my mates think I am so Barmy they tend to disappear when I try to fly with them in formation. I weave this way and almost hit one as I pull up or dive. I then weave the other way and the next time I check my six and turn back forward they are gone. What.s up with that? So if you fine Barmy Gentlemen approve my offer to join your fine club I WOULD HUMBLY ACCEPT IT! The drinks are on me