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Lou I had a teacher that once used a similar instrument for corporal punishment in my Grade School. The only difference was there were holes drilled in it because she felt it gave more speed to her blows during a spanking.

Not much more speed, but definitely much more sting!

Replying more generally, in senior high we had a "good cop/bad cop" principal and assistant principal, respectively. The principal was outgoing and very well liked. The assistant was sullen and about 6'4", and I don't care how tough you thought you were, if you were sentenced to swats, you were coming out with tears in your eyes. I'm talking the hardest kids in the school. I'm glad I never graced the interior of his office. I was a goody two-shoes.

Oh, and BULLY! to another BWOC inductee, and a free round for Lou for a stupendous job on the pins! beercheers

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