For those who are interested I created short video demonstrating some of features of Mission editor Beta release.
I apologize for lower quality of video, especially WOFF ingame part, because I recorded it on my laptop.
Video link:

Link to the latest version
WOFF Mission Editor 1.9.0
If you have properly installed Java on your machine, you can execute it simply by double clicking on WOFF UE_Mission_Editor.jar file.
I recommend you to read HarryH's tutorial, updated to the latest version of ME (v 1.7.6) by Robert Wigginsand BuckeyeBob (thank you guys):
Mission Editor Tutorial 1.7.6
IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid conflicts with WOFF stock wind generator, disable wind in WOFF Workshop.That will allow winds from Wind Mod. ... fixed from version 1.1.6 up
OldHat's video tutorial describing intallation, configuration and features of ME:


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