ARUP, anyone who enjoys flying WOFF whilest listening to classical music is a barmy man after my own heart, (as several of my videos I have on YouTube can attest to).

HarryH, an impressively barmy list. The DR1 red Mercedes with the vanity plate is the topper though. Well done!

So gentlemen of the BOC, (and as always the term 'gentlemen' is said with tongue planted firmly in cheek), we have two more candidates to vote in. "Aye!" says I to both hapless victims.

"And where is Maeran with his list?" I wonders to me self.


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Three RFC Brass Hats were strolling down a street in London. Two walked into a bar, the third one ducked.

Former Cold War Warrior, USAF Security Service 1974-1978, E-4, Morse Systems Intercept, England, Europe, and points above.
"pippy-pahpah-pippy pah-pip-pah"