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HarryH, we'd be glad to have you, and while I've no doubt you are barmy enough when it comes to WOFF could you provide us with a few examples of your particular barmyness?

SteveW, you are barmy, and in particular when it comes to someone supposedly losing your BOC application. I have checked our records carefully and there is no such application on file anywhere, and as I am the President of the BOC I take umbrage, UMBRAGE I SAY, at your erroneous accusations! However, as I am a forgive and forget sort, I say "AYE!" to you becoming a member of our royal disorder. And I will be happy to give the Rattlesnake-sting a shot, or two or three. And be assured that all neophyte BOC members are beaten equally with the cricket bat and without malice, and any previously mentioned accusations you may have cast at certain club officers will not be remembered during the initiation ceremonies. No really, trust me.


I discussed this with my wife and she heartily agreed that I was indeed "Barmy". She reminded me of the following points;

I cant venture outdoors unless Im wearing my Track-IR-enabled baseball cap. Without it I lose all peripheral vision and my neck seems strangely locked in place. My wife says that the silver reflectors look silly. So be it.

I own a Fokker DR1, bright red, 5.6 litre Mercedes engine license plate "RDBNZ". My wife says its a red benz sports car but little does she know that this is a cunning disguise for the Red Barons! I dont want to spoil her fantasy.

I spend more time tweaking the settings of my graphics card and PC in order to wring out the last drop of visual glory from WOFF than I do sleeping. My wife says I even snore when I'm doing it, too.

My co-workers keep asking what that classical music piece is that Im constantly humming. I say it's a symphony of the heavens and they are none the wiser.

When a new patch for WOFF is announced I have anxiety symptoms until I can get back to my machine and update it.

I keep looking down and expect to see treetops. Weird when theres only pavement. Then I look for Lous map to confirm where in F!@#$s I must be!

...and I'm ready to stand a round at the bar!!!!


System: i5 8600K @ 3.6GHz,16GB DDR4 @2666MHz. RTX2080, MSI Z370 mobo, Dell 27" G-SYNC @ 144Hz. 2560x1440