Accepted. Now when I say 'Thank you sir, may I have another', I won't be talking about that overgrown flyswatter you call a cricket bat, I'll be calling out for another snork of Rattlesnake-sting. Those 35 holes in my kite got me to thinking, , ,Forget it. 'Thank you sir, may I have another'. Now look, fellas, I know we can polish this whole tub of sting off, and that little topping I added, I don't remember what else I put in there, is the real deal, none of this Jose Cuervo stuff, I wrangled Hornitos and it packs a wallop. 'What, I'm on 6:00am patrol?'. 'Thank you sir, may I have another?' 'Who's going to eat the worm?' Lou, I've pulled your wing position tomorrow, look for me at your 4, I'll keep an eye on your backside. And Lou I didn't say you lost my application, positive it was some useless administrative type up the chain of command. But maybe you just 'misplaced' it, perhaps that day you were (stealing directly from Derek Robinson, the barmiest of all) shooting rats under the office floor. No? Oh well. I think I'll just roll my way to my bunk, it's close to six already. Steve