HarryH, we'd be glad to have you, and while I've no doubt you are barmy enough when it comes to WOFF could you provide us with a few examples of your particular barmyness?

SteveW, you are barmy, and in particular when it comes to someone supposedly losing your BOC application. I have checked our records carefully and there is no such application on file anywhere, and as I am the President of the BOC I take umbrage, UMBRAGE I SAY, at your erroneous accusations! However, as I am a forgive and forget sort, I say "AYE!" to you becoming a member of our royal disorder. And I will be happy to give the Rattlesnake-sting a shot, or two or three. And be assured that all neophyte BOC members are beaten equally with the cricket bat and without malice, and any previously mentioned accusations you may have cast at certain club officers will not be remembered during the initiation ceremonies. No really, trust me.


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Three RFC Brass Hats were strolling down a street in London. Two walked into a bar, the third one ducked.

Former Cold War Warrior, USAF Security Service 1974-1978, E-4, Morse Systems Intercept, England, Europe, and points above.
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