Greeting All,

What with the pending arrival of our spiffing new club pins I though it a good idea to bump this thread for those of you who are not yet members of the Barmy OFFers Club and are thinking to yourselves, "Hmmmmm, I wonder what I must do to become part of such a questionable lot of lunatics?" For those who are having such a lapse of sound judgement you need only go to the first post in this thread and read through our club charter and submit your qualifications for consideration. And if you would like a deeper history of the BOC, take the following link back to the days of yore:

The Barmy OFFers Club, CA

We look forward to your applications, acceptance, and open bar tabs.

Contact (tink ... tink ... tink) Clear!


Oh, and if you haven't yet heard about the aforementioned spiffing new club pins, visit this link:

Barmy OFFers Club pins


[Linked Image]

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