It is so strange that everting is running fine, even at high activity, but after landing and use cntrl Q for ending the campaign mode the game crashed
Remove every overclock and back to stock same problem.
RAM Memory is fine nothing wrong detected.
System is complete clean from dust by using compressed air spraycan
temp, load are monitored and below criticall limits
Fresh reinstall
Mods only the mission mod from B??? and News mod
Using that buggy JSetc tool but no mods have been swapped, because of that fresh install
compatible mode for Win7 and XP3 did not help and crash was now at the Loading........ before the campaign started.

Virusscan is MS defender but has been excluded to scan Woff, no internet, windows phone home has been disconnected.
All drivers are new and no beta drivers like for AMD card
Win10 64bit
8gb Ram
256 gb SSD

Would a reinstall directX9 help in this case.

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