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Edit: I would be happy with a TAW/EF2000 or Strike Fighters dynamic campaign. Which would be a huge evolution to what we have now wink

I can't argue with that. The SF2 campaign (really, dynamic mission designer, but it works for me) was fun, but something like that just screamed multiplayer. At least DCS has the multiplayer capability, so a SF2 type campaign would be a great start. Nice thing about the SF2 campaign is that it is very easy to modify, so we would have a lot of campaigns available in DCS if this ever happened.

There are quite a few things that SF2 did that DCS should implement, including the decal system (tiered and based on an ini file, not the 3DSMax object, so you could place dynamic decals anywhhere), the dynamic mission designer, and the campaign system where the same campaign could be flown by different aircraft, different sides, etc. for a completely different experience.

Maybe ED should hire TK on a contract basis if he's not to busy with Android apps. winkngrin

I couldn't agree more with what you said!

Now that you mention the decal implementation, it makes me miss the old Il-2 days where we could make some custom skin and people in the server would download and see them or even decals.