Hey Community,

A small Wonder has happened... I am running WOFF finally nearly smooth and liquid, as it should be from the beginning...

So what happened?

I've bought a Program called "Driver Easy" (which was as a Freeware-Program in a very popular German Computer-Magazine with a 1-Year Free-License) and installed it. After running this Program, I was shocked:

My System needs 22 new Drivers, even though i've installed Windows 10 only 2 Months ago!

Said and done, everything installed (which was done in less than 10 Minutes), restarted my System, and then I started WOFF. And...

A very big Step Forward! The Game now runs smooth and liquid, well, to be honest at 98%. Surely it needs some more small Tweaks to get it at 100%.

I am very surprised!

What was also a BIG help was to set down the Refreshrate for my Monitor from 60 HZ to 50 HZ. That means, my FPS are now automatically locked at 50 with V-Sync ON. I don't know why, but this helped a lot!

I also set the Pre-rendered Frames to "Application-Controlled" and AA to "Super-Sampling".

As I said, a very big Step forward in my Case. It is the first time ever, I can say to myself: Welcome to the Woff-World! I am enjoying the Game very much. I can even Play a Campaign with Jasta 1 in August 1918, with Medium Air-Activity without Stutters... What a big fun this Game is now for me!!!

And I just wanted to apologize to anyone who felt personally attacked from my (not so nicely) Postings in the Past.

Now I hope to enjoy the Game and the Immersion as much as you Guys do!

Let's spend together a good time in our virtual WW1-World winkngrin