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Mr Tim.
When your in your C-130, do you still do the Band Of Brothers "STAND UP! Check Equipment!" etc etc etc?

I can answer that for you....for british paratroopers it's still exactly the same today.....

'Stand up, fit Equipment'
[PJI instruction to fit bergen/container to hooks and attach reserve chute]

'Prepare for equipment check'
[PJI checks container/weapon, routing of rope, main chute, reserve chute and helmet]

'Tell off for equipment check'
[Troopers call their stick number out with 'OK' and pat the person's shoulder in front - yanks used to smack the blokes arse in front, probably still do!]

5 ok
4 ok
3 ok
2 ok
1 ok - Port/Starboard stick ok
[Number 1 in the door tells PJI he is OK, calls the port or starboard stick as OK and gives a thumbs up]

[Loadmaster gives 5/10 minute warning and further warning for final run]

PJI's open para door, prepare step and confirm wind deflectors have deployed

PJI's call troopers to door when 2-3 minutes out.....

Red on {all troopers shout red-on to give warning to entire stick]

Green on [PJI's shout and clear strops on each jump]

....Go..2, 3, 4, 5.......
[PJI's shout half-second timing to ensure no colliding in slip-stream at rear of airframe from both para-doors]

Troopers breathe sigh of relief when out of sweaty aircraft having being stood up from anything from 10-40 minutes with 150lb of kit dangling off their tits. Look up, check canopy, steer into clear air-space and carry out drills before screaming into the floor about 25knotts and not being able to carry out para roll that they spent weeks perfecting!!

On the Eighth day God created Paratroopers and the Devil stood to attention.