What's NEW in EECH 1.16.0?

  • Now using Direct3D9!
  • Single file installer - upgrade stock game in one step
  • Using OpenAL-Soft for sound system by default
  • WAV sounds instead of PCM
  • Multiplayer system minor improvements and fixes
  • Joystic axis state indication at Controls page
  • Infantry patrols and more complicated insertion missions
  • New way of stealth factor calculation for helicopters
  • Airfields mod (WIP, by Soczkien)
  • Jets Replace mod v1.0 (by Soczkien), Su-34 Fullback presented as Multy-role Fighter
  • New Skins for Russian helicopters mod (WIP, by ignarik)
  • New US helicopters skins mod (WIP, by rapota)
  • New High Detailed Trees mod v1.2 (by Soczkien)
  • New Sea Water mod (by Soczkien)
  • New Winter Terrain textures (by Soczkien)

Bug fixes
  • Helicopter overspeed issues
  • Pilot static hand visibility problems in wideview mode
  • Helicopters has wrong heading angle relative to HESCO barriers
  • Russian translation and fonts issues

Installation guide
  • install EECH (from the EECH|CD or GOG installer)
    -= you can update only vanilla EECH, do not use modded version of the game =-
  • download and install eech-allmods-1.16.0FIX1-installer (release date 5 march 2016)
    (Mirror1 )
  • you can copy your players.bin/players2.bin/playersv.bin files from the previous installation to save your pilot progress
  • launch the game

list of changes:
  • Sprite light texture fixed (details in hidden block below)
  • Landed helicopters bouncing bug fix, suspension dynamics adjustments
  • Encoding joystick axises to UTF-8
  • Load MP servers list regardless masterserver config value.

this patch doesn't affect saved games or multiplayer compatibly

Click to reveal.. ("Information for modders")

- From now DDS textures loading algorithm is changed - no need to flip texture during save. It's recommended to convert all textures to TGA, or flip your DDS images vertically. Currently all textures of the game itself and included mods was converted to TGA, so some old mods that uses DDS textures became incompatible.
- Troops models can be placed in the helicopter scene - just make subobjects with label TROOPS_ONBOARD, they will be visible between Troops Instertion mission start and Insertion waypoint reach (there is no any animation yet).
- Skins feature was added - you can get additionl information HERE
- Collision object can be applied to the forest trees, LOS check will be affected (include radar detection as side effect) same as weapon and player dynamics calculations.
- SPRITE_LIGHT texture now using for sprite lights rendering ("cohokum\graphics\textures\animation" folder). it can be replaced with any other but it has to be desaturated (BW), otherwise light color will be distorted.

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