The bms manual makes my anxiety go through the roof.
I read it but my mind rejects it and refuses to commit anything to memory.
I could read the same paragraph twenty times and my mind would reject it.
For a complicated sim like this,manuals are completely useless.
The only way to learn is by someone showing you the ropes in the sim otherwise you will end up losing the plot by reading the manuals.

I was 32 when F4 came out.
I was behind the 8ball from the start.
Most people who are good at this sim started with f4 or Allied Force in their teens or twentys.
My best experience with flight sims was when my mind was still fresh playing the F16 sims on the Amiga a500.

F18 interceptor and F19 stealth fighter and F16 combat pilot also Birds of prey.
A bit of Wings also lol.

Now I'm 49,F4 ring binder still locked away gathering dust,I'm at a stage where my mind is just too old and worn to comprehend F4.

I did get to do a ramp start but that's where my brain's ceiling ends.
Unless you were very spolt and were born with a very strong brain,this sim will leave you wanting to kill yourself.

P.S. I have done everything I have to try to get my mind in condition to play this but you can't change yur brain.
If you're dumb you're dumb and you can't have the privelage of enjoying the sim like the narcissists do.
I have given up alcohol,coffee(over a year coffee free,I run,I exercise,I drum,I'm doing everything I can to try to kick this brain into gear so I can play Falcon BMS but I still get anxiety.

You make me so jealous I just want to jump in the sea.

I also have kerotoconos in my eyes which also makes reading manuals hard but my contacts ar edoing a great job.
I think it's just I wasn't spoilt with a brainy brain.
I still don't understand Fightclub or The Matrix movie.

Should I just kill myself?

Gaming in general is a narcissists playfround really.
You go online ,get called all kinds of names by the Veruca Salts who call you a loser or a fag or RTFM.

At least dumb people will look you in the eye and buy you a beer.

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