I've been working out with P90X for about 3 years now. Actually, I've done several varieties of those "intense" home workouts, but settled on P90X2. I don't look like those guys on the videos because I eat whatever I want. But I am in very good condition. I take my dirtbike out and ride enduro at least once a week; I'd like more, but riding areas in the U.S. have been dwindling and I live on the east coast which is even harder to find places to ride legally.
I want to start being more careful in what I eat.
I'm 46 years old and I'm currently at about 20% body fat and should be down around 14 or 15%.

So, with the goal of lowering body fat, I have cut down (but not cut out) on the following:
pastries and other sweets
High fat/sugar/salt meals