Hi all,

As in the New Year's Resolution topic discussed, here's your chance to share, shame, be shamed, find encouragement or simple check what others are doing in regards to nutrition and exercise. We've seen a lot of threads touching this, why not combine it.

For myself, I've been working out twice a week since two or three years, but started taking things a bit more serious this past May.

As a result in June (after a month vacation + lots of moving about) I needed a new hole made in my belt (no, not on the end wink ). Weight is down to 80kg but muscles are visibly improved. Sporting visible abs and well defined arm muscles, but not a bulky bodybuilder - I don't plan to either, I'm a Racer and that's what I aim for.

I do all my exercise at home with affordable and sometimes improvised gear. For nutrition, I don't care that much what I'm eating, but more on the amount of. Not counting every single calorie either, but I've gotten good at estimates. Currently aiming for an average of 1600 per day (1400+1400+2000 in three days) which is quite low, but then I have a sitting job and my daily need is about 2200 max. 1600 avg loses me not quite half a kilo per week which is a sustainable deficit.

My current goal is to get away from my 80-82.x weight fluctuations and make it a 78-79.9 fluctuation, i.e. I don't want to see a leading eight anytime I step on the scale. While retaining the muscle I have AND raising my daily input back to 2000 without weight gain.

This weekend is going to be hell because of extra plans - company christmas party tonight, Spa tomorrow.

Since the party today includes a buffet, I'm taking 2000kcal for the day, meaning tomorrow and sunday I'll be at 1400.

Today so far I've got a Muffin for breakfast (400) and a Kepab Pita with Chicken (600). That leaves about 1000 for the buffet tonight, and I'll drink wine, not beer. Going to miss my regular exercise tomorrow, adding a bit extra for sunday instead.