CitizenCon was today. IMO it was a good presentation.

The whole thing is broken into various videos you can find on their main youtube channel. Ill post the gameplay ones and the intro to Sq42 one.

SC Alpha 2.0 (Baby PU) Press Demo (The video given to the press, pre recorded)

SC Alpha 2.0 (Baby PU) Live Demo (the live one they played at the Con)

Sq 42 Intro (prerendered using game engine)

Sq 42 Intro Mission (start of the sp Campain 1st mission) (buggy as hell, he spent 5 min giving a "this is not the final product" speech)

Star Map overview (tutorial video, not the overview video they did live at the Con.) You can actually play with it here

Dev Post on it

New Ship "The Saber" Looks cool and is 170. Kind of a cross between a modern Jet and a Japanese anime jet.

48hr sale on a 2500 dollar package! You know you want to buy it!

And we as its creators don't feel ready to hear your annoyed jabber about it.
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