I quit playing because I found that I was enjoying myself less and being frustrated more and it just kind of stopped being fun. I would have liked to get a bit more time trying out other types of roles besides infantry in the missions but I found that I was rarely getting a chance to fly anything but ferry flights or operate a vehicle as anything other than a driver as those slots always seemed to be nabbed by the same players.

The tipping point for me in deciding to take a break was the Zeus slot. I'd been getting kind of annoyed with the increasing frequency of having certain players jump into the Zeus slot after they'd died and mucking up the mission. The final straw was when one such player got killed, hopped into Zeus, spawned a SAM troop and shot me out of the sky as I was flying a little bird. I took about a month and a half off and was going to jump back in but the new comms systems had been adopted by then and after perusing the readme, I decided that it didn't sound like the sort of thing I'd enjoy or want to take the effort to learn.

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