Egad! Both Lou and I forgot the bally chorus, which used to be:

Hoo-ray and up he rises,
Hoo-ray and up he rises,
Hoo-ray and up he rises,
He's a Barmy OFFer!

But if I recall correctly the last line was changed to BWOC! BWOC! BWOC!, accompanied by energetic flapping movements... the mating cry of the male dodo, so it's been said.

For newer members that's also the origin of the ostrich feather bustle we wear on Founder's Day... or would if the Founders had anything better than an alcohol-fogged recollection of when that was and thus could tell everyone else!

Oh that I was back in the dear old PBI.
With no more Triplanes on me tail, nor tracer tracing by.
And no more flames and clickerty-clack and no more blooming sky,
And only a couple of feet to fall whenever I want to die.

No. 56 Squadron Song