Thank you for including me as one of your esteemed club. I too have partaken of the ale known as Adnams Broadside, I hope the bar also carrys Woodfords Nelsons Revenge...please remember he usually has his revenge about 3am. Underpants will definatly need washing.

Thank you also for opening my bar tab...and for testing it out....frequently by all accounts. Please advise me when I am expected to pay it....I will ensure it is paid once my Granny has accepted my sob story of the Squadron Dog needing a false leg and has forwarded the required funds.

I hope the cricket bat has been well oiled...if they are not oiled they have a tendency to split, this can effect the stroke and worse leave splinters,...I know this as I went to public school. Yes Dezh...I was that boy.

Let us all remember we are officers and Gentlmen and should behave as such. Therefore I will NOT be submitting photographs of myself in a state of undress as 1) I do not wish to overshadow my fellow mess members 2) Over excite any Lady members and 3) Add to the charges of my court marshall case which is up next Friday. How was I to know she was Haig's Grandaughter? I only asked if she wanted to see my Pitot Tube.

I now retire to my room to work out new excuses for dodging tomorrows missions....and mess bill. goodnight

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