Yes - yes, I'd say your credentials are quite in order. VP Olham is currently on vacation but will be returning soon, and VP Dej is on secret assignment somewhere but does drop in occasionally. That being the case, I will ask for a show of hands from fellow BOC members. What say you lot - is this man barmy or what? "Aye" says I!

To your map/navigation barmyness, give these a try cCromwell: WOFF Map Set Update 3


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Three RFC Brass Hats were strolling down a street in London. Two walked into a bar, the third one ducked.

Former Cold War Warrior, USAF Security Service 1974-1978, E-4, Morse Systems Intercept, England, Europe, and points above.
"pippy-pahpah-pippy pah-pip-pah"