First may I say that the wearing of the underpants is no problem. I may wait until July before submitting pictures as I put the pants in the Wash in June and therefore shall be pantless until they dry.

My flying of WOFF will also have to be curtailled during the washing/drying process as I fly by the seat of my pants and without the said smalls flying would be downright dangerous and fool hardy.

As for WOFF barmeyness, I could cite that it took me over a year before taking the plunge and purchasing it.

I have been trying to navigate the WOFF world using maps from "Flying Corp Gold". Did not go too well. deadhorse

Tried to taxi into a hangar...court marshall is up next Monday

Shot my own tail off whilst flying as gunner...Court marshall is up next Tuesday

Wanted to see what happened if I parked my aircraft in front of a train....Court marshall is up next Wednesday

Took a phone call on my mobile during finals told caller I was landing an aeroplane and I would call back. Then flew into a tree....Court marshall is up next Thursday. Later found out the caller was my Mother-in-Law

Using the same MS force Feed back that I purchased over 12 years ago

Do not use TIR

Hope that gives a measure of my unproffesional barmyness.