Alrighty Gents, I am at last back in camp and have some time to catch up on the goings on here.

Cavaliere57 and Smosh, both of you have presented credentials of impeccable barmyness and I say Aye! to each of you.

Lewis, as has been stated already, once a member always a member. And those are some gorgeous planes youve built there, only a barmy individual would spend so much time on such a project. To your question: I have brought the Bleriot into OFF and it worked fine, so I am betting it would work in WOFF as well. However, I dont believe the devs can incorporate it officially into WOFF as it is not their property.

Maeran, that MF Shorthorn of yours is a beauty as well and is one of the planes I would very much like to see added to WOFF. Also, you appear to be one cylinder short of a rotary too, perhaps youd like to become one of the daft, the touched, the barmy.

loftyc, some time back you asked about becoming a member of the BOC. As I noted then, you need only list a few of your qualifications.

I see a very large bender in the near future.


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