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Cavalier57, I like seeing you air dry your long selve shirts.

Good on you for raising them !

Second duty ya didn't expect.
Gotta love a good motor bike too....why Harley for you?

Because I love V twins,always been a "Vtwin kind of biker",I had mainly Ducatis ( yes I was a Sport Motorbiker) some Aprilias,a wonderfull Cagiva Raptor,even a Moto Guzzi many years ago...and I like HD bikes since ages,they are the "essence" of a motorcYcle.
It has come now because I am more a relaxed biker these days,I am done with mad runs on mountain passes,and all that adrenaline stuff,I just glide and take it easy now,still like going for turning and bending roads but with nonchalance,with style I would say..... biggrin

" In vino veritas "